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Unbelievable: All 5 Sharks Invest in the Cup Board Pro on Shark Tank

Posted by kaley young on
Our appearance on Shark Tank was amazing for so many reasons. Of course, the greatest joy was being able to stand there together and fulfill our dad’s dream of introducing the Cup Board Pro to the world on Shark Tank. It was the Sharks themselves that turned the experience into something that we’ll never forget.
It was an emotional experience for all of us, but to get the reaction we did from the Sharks truly made it special.
If you watch the show, you know how the pitches often go. It’s a tough position to be in and hard questions get asked. When the Sharks quickly asked us to leave the room and then brought us back to tell us that all five of them were willing to help us, it was incredible. That rarely happens and to get a commitment that their profits would go towards a 9/11 firefighters charity made it even more amazing.
Inc. covered the episode and spoke to Matt Higgins, who was one of the Sharks and has been a huge help. He said that our pitch represents everything that is great about Shark Tank. We hope that our experience inspires others to keep following their dreams, no matter the obstacles.

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