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Our Story


Our dad, Keith Young, a New York City fireman and chef, invented the Cup Board Pro in 2010. Our dad, a big family guy, wanted to enjoy more family time instead of being in the kitchen cleaning up big messes before and after making the greatest meals.

The Cup Board Pro is designed to be just that, to simplify the way you work in the kitchen so you can have more time with your family.

We watched as he would take plastic cutting boards and cut into them to create his own prototype. He then found an industrial kitchen engineer who helped turn his design into a reality. 

A few prototypes would come back as finished but my dad kept working on the product, he wanted it to be perfect. We would help him with his graphic design and marketing with his packaging design and website. When my dad started getting more into the production phase of the Cup Board Pro. Our beautiful mom, Beth King, our believer and dreamer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2011. My mom was the love of our dad’s life, high school sweethearts with love letters dating back to 1980. Our dad put everything on hold to fight our moms fight with her. The NYC fire department was incredible in giving our dad off so he could be by her side.  August 22, 2012, our beautiful mom was called home to heaven at age 47. Our dad was completely heartbroken, we all were. Our mom was our greatest angel.  My dad showed us the definition of true strength while my mom was sick and after. He continued to be our example of how to live. Our dad was asked to compete on Chopped shortly after my mom Passed but at first, he felt he wasn’t ready. The three of us said to him, “if mom was here she would make you do it.” Our dad, Keith Young, was named a two-time Food Network Chopped Champion. 


Our dad started to work on the Cup Board Pro once again. When he received his first shipment of boards in 2015, is was at the same time around when he was diagnosed with a 9/11 related cancer from working at Ground Zero. 

When our dad told us that he had cancer, we all lost it. How could this happen? Why is this happening? Is all questions that have been running through our minds. The Cup Board Pro was once again put on hold as our dad’s cancer progressed, breaking through his bones, leaving him completely handicapped. 

Chemo, radiation and surgeries couldn’t stop the beast of his cancer. In January of 2018, just 6 months ago, our dad was put on Hospice. On March 17, 2018, our Dad, was called home to heaven, reunited with our beautiful mom. Even on his hardest days, he still wouldn’t let a day go by without saying to each of us, “I love you kid.” The three of us are so lucky to be able to call Keith Young, our dad, and Beth Young our mom. We want to continue their legacies, live with their love in our hearts and share their love with the world. It was our dads dream to have the Cup Board Pro to have in kitchens all over the world. We feel honored to be able to continue his legacy and to share a little bit of Keith Young and the Cup Board Pro with you all. 

Special thank you to everyone who is part of this journey with us xoxo

With love, 

Kaley, Christian, and Keira Young

Jan 30, 2019 - Brooklyn, NY | The Young Kids presented a $41,119 check to FDNY Foundation. All the Sharks attended: Daymond, Kevin, Lori, Mark and Matt. Thank you to everyone who donated through our Go Fund Me campaign for this good cause.

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