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Available Now! Cooking with the Firehouse Chef is Back in Print

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Cooking with the Firehouse Chef by Keith Young, Inventor of the Cup Board Pro
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The holidays are a time for family, friends, and food. It’s also a time to reflect and think about everything that we’re thankful for. It’s in this spirit that we’re so excited to announce that our dad’s cookbook is back in print.


Cooking with the Firehouse Chef by Keith Young features many of our dad’s favorite recipes along with some great stories that still make us laugh all these years later. Before he invented the Cup Board Pro, his cookbook was his passion project. It meant a lot to him having something he could dedicate to his family and the friends he lost on 9/11.


He showed a lot of love through his cooking, whether at home with us or at the firehouse serving New York’s Bravest. To him, he was always cooking for family. The recipes in the cookbook were created with that same heart. Each dish is full of love and is made up of easy to find ingredients, so you can prepare them for your family.


We’re thankful to have this book back in print so we can share more of our dad with you all. It also gives us an opportunity to read his own words whenever we miss him.


You can find Cooking with the Firehouse Chef on Amazon. As our dad would say, “Chows On!”

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